Download ADB Fastboot (SDK Platform Tool) all version for windows. Here are the instructions for flash System Firmware images in Android Smartphone and Tablet device using ADB Fastboot Tool.

Download Minimal ADB Fastboot Tool

Get Minimal ADB Fastboot

How to flash Firmware images using Fastboot Tool

[*] Before flashing Firmware using Fastboot make sure first your device bootloader has unlocked.

Step 1: Download and Install Android ADB Fastboot USB Driver on your Computer. (no need to install if the driver already installed).

Step 3: Download SDK Platform Tools (Fastboot Tool) from below link and extract in your Computer.

Step 3: Download Firmware for your Flashable device and extract in on a folder. Now copy all the Fastboot files and paste it into the Firmware folder.

Step 4: Now enter your Android device into Fastboot mode by hold pressing Volume Down + Power button. Now connect it to the Computer using USB.

Step 5: Now press and hold Shift button on your keyboard and right-click inside the Firmware folder then select “Open Command Window Here” option.

Step 6: The flash Terminal is opened. Now follow this, We are going to flash Firmware images via Fastboot. For example we ready to flash system.img file so the Flash command code is “fastboot flash system system.img

Step 7: Below is some Firmware flashing ADB command. Type and enter the code following Firmware images. Every image will flash done by separate time and when a file flash completed you will see Done message.

***** ADB Terminal *****

[*] fastboot flash cache cache.img – Enter
[*] fastboot flash system system.img – Enter
[*] fastboot flash recovery recovery.img – Enter
[*] fastboot flash userdata userdata.img – Enter
[*] fastboot flash boot boot.img – Enter
[*] fastboot reboot – Type this command after all images flash Completed.

Download ADB Fastboot SDK Platform Tool

ADB Fastboot SDK Platform Tool 27.0.1

Readme Note

[*] This is the general method to flash Firmware using Fastboot for all the Generic Android device. Some OEM provides direct Fastboot Tool for their device.

[*] User Data: Your Personal user data will be removed after flashing. If you want these then make a backup before flashing.

[*] Manufacture:  The ADB Fastboot SDK Platform Tool created and developed by official Android Developer Studio for free.